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Future - Corner Bonus

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Date: 20 Jun 2018

Duration: 03:37


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You can get rich out the corner
Man all this made on the corner
n***a feed the kids out the corner
n***a I'm bout Bentley out the corner
And some real street n***as on the corner
The young n***as acting a fool on the corner
Everybody got money issues on the corner
You know you can't be slipping on the corner

[Verse 1]
The calling I'm bout the everything
These..took me a long way
Slug young n***a like the R Jay
The Joshy on the block every day
The maestro n***a we bust up
Don't talk your label talk bust all
On the corner they get their hustle on
On the corner you might lose everything
Soon..might bear everything
On the corner get it back then next day
My corner got the trial like the wrong way
Yo got only one way pleasure for my hundred play
Drive through, drive away
Salute my n***a look brick up
Get f** out n***a got bother
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Just corner forget you one year
Don't wanna get caught with trafficant
Rhat dough gonna hope gonna ..
So watch you ..
But work n***a what you do
Don't let that
I never leave a block n***a
The corner


[Verse 2]
Yeah I got a million dollar cash on the corner
Hundred thousands pounds of swags all on the corner
And babies on vacation jet park on the corner
With a future on the road I left a bridge back on the corner
Acted back dough the n***a, brick house on the corner
Number money issues, ain't no rules on the corner
You got me buy your issue if you say you're from the corner
And smoke upon the gas got me 65 Hummer
School a lot of flix, finessin n***a as well
My corner like a pharmacy got everything for sale
Remix lean the swag stupid fright sack
Free benz driggin it she throw it in the back


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